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"Back Around Here" Blues CD by Rob Stone
You are likely to discover blues gems that you were unaware of. Be it electric, acoustic, rockin or jumpin, there is something for everybody at
Rob Stone Rob Stone pretty well nails that classic '50s Chicago blues sound right out of the gate!  He pulls together all the right influences and hits all the right notes in creating a fine blues album that carries on this important music.
Back Around Here
Alan Payette Band Starting with a premier rhythm and blues backbone, the Alan Payette Band injects a hot horn section to produce a relentless blues rock groove that just won't quit. Alan aptly handles things in the guitar department, while keeping things tightly focused.
Alan Payette Band
The Veldman Brother This CD contains eleven original numbers packed into a nice, fat blues sound. The brilliant guitar of Gerrit, his appropriately varied vocals, the soulful Hammond organ and the harp work of Bennie are ably supported by a driving rhythm section.
Spreadin' Around
Twelve Bar Blues Band The vocals of J.J. Sharp are very soulful and rich, while the guitar of Kees Dusink is tasteful beyond question, demonstrating a clear understanding of blues stylings. Add a cool harp and you've got a strong blues CD.
Key To Your Heart
Arsen Shomakho Aresen's new album, recorded with the best blues musicians of Western Canada, takes a bit of a swingin' turn while maintaining a guitar presence that impresses. He has produced this disc himself, and the attention to detail is evident.
On The Move
Radiotones Dave Arcari and his insurgent National steel guitar (and super gruff vocals) lead the band (also including harmonica and bass) through a set that demonstrates the energy that even full-throttle electric bands strive to project.
Whiskey'd Up
Little Roger and The Houserockers Little Roger (Harp/Vocals) is known for his stage presence, and Marion Wade (Piano) plays blues and boogie in the style of the greats, feeling as much at home in rolling shuffles and pounding boogies as in slow blues à la Otis Spann.
Cut It While Its Hot
The Broke String Band This is a cross between acoustic blues and jug band music. Just a good old fun (kind of soulful too)CD, and the bonus is that it's well played as also. The Broke String Band's CD features original music composed by Eric Cutshall.
The Cost of Living
Johnny Charles Winner of the 1995 W.C. Handy Award for blues guitarist in the NYC Metro area, this player-extraordinaire teams up here with The Danny Gatton Band rhythm section and other special guests for an impressive collection of originals.
Chick Willis While Blues is often associated with despair and adversity, it can also be uplifting, and have a terrific sense of humor. This is where Chick Willis makes his mark. Many of his songs are upbeat, party time rompers.
From The Heart And Soul
Albert Castiglia Albert got an audition with international and Chicago blues great Junior Wells, and so impressed Wells with his playing and vocal style, that he was asked to work in the band as the lead guitarist. What a testimony!
These Are The Days
Raoul and The Big Time On the eve of Little Walter's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the 40th anniversary of his death, Raoul Bhaneja (of the award winning Raoul and The Big Time) gathered together some best harmonica players in town to honor him.
Blue Midnight
Robert Nighthawk and The Wampus Cats Toastin' The Blues, is a well-produced sample of a warm, but sophisticated sound. With seductive grooves and harp-driven blues, this album features tunes from masters such as Little Walter and BB King to smokin' originals by the band.
Toastin' The Blues
One Shot Johnny An all-original slab of electric trio blues. One Shot Johnny speaks a blues vocabulary that is strong, smoky, and to the point. If this band doesn’t make you vigorously bob your head or grind your nether regions, have someone check your pulse.
Feelin' Dangerous
Black Top Put on your biker boots and your black leather jacket! Black Top involves a rocking blues guitar player, a thumping, stomping rhythm section and two great lead singers. They are a three piece blues rock band with a rock & roll attitude.
Rough 'n Gritty
Junkyardmen Junkyardmen have risen to the top of the Memphis blues heap, synergizing their Delta region roots in the city known as the apex of the blues world. This CD features twelve songs and more of the acrobatic harmonica virtuosity of Billy Gibson.
Keep on Workin'
Reverend Raven "Any fan of straight ahead, tough electric blues will really like this cd" -Bruce Iglauer/Alligator Records. This is good time Chicago blues played by some seasoned musicians who know how to play the blues the right way.
Shake Your Boogie
Jason Elmore and Hoodoo Witch Their scorching hot, in-your-face sound contains traces of blues, hard rock, old country, jazz, and surf but they manage to wrap it all up together in a package that is undeniably Texan and undisputedly world-class. A 5-Star Rating!
Upside Your Head
Claude Hay The one thing that tops the cake about Hay is the fact that he builds his own music. Claude fuses slide guitar, sitar, bass and electronic percussion in a loop-driven edge-of-the-seat show that invokes the best of stomping traditional blues.
Deep Fried Satisfied
Dave Arcari Slapping and picking away on his guitar, growl of a voice ever present, these songs are undeniably heartfelt. This generous 13 song CD features a mix of self-penned material with some covers and gives a snapshot of his energetic live show.
Got Me Electric
Mark Cloutier Mark Cloutier is a blues-rock guitarist from New York. Much of this CD is instrumental in nature and with that unique element front and center, his guitar work sounds greatly inspired by legends like Hendrix, early Buddy Guy and T-Bone Walker.
Attitude With Gratitude
David Booker A superb offering of blues and roots styles, provided by David Booker (vocals and guitar). There's some raunch, via "Please Warm My Weiner" and "Blow Me (A Kiss), along with some Dylan; but it all ties together with a well conceived approach.
Hobos and Mojos - An Acoustic Collection
Big Al Jano This CD is an eclectic indie compilation of 23 lead singers and 24 tunes that have either blues, roots or “bluesy” subject matter, but are also uniquely different from one or other.
Some of My Best Friends Have The Blues
John Primer In 1995 the veteran Blues man ventured out on his own and remains an electrifying, driving force in the world of blues.  Grammy Award and Handy Award Nominee, John Primer is truly "The Real Deal".
All Original
Al and The Coholics Sometimes you have to lick the plate; and these guys dish out that raw and powerful blues stew that makes you ask for more. This CD helps prove that the blues is alive and well all around the world.
Goin' Down Slow
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